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Updating your Chevron Account

Learn how to navigate your account dashboard, update your account information and check the status of your orders.

Find "My Account"

Go to and click on "My Account".


Login with your user name or email.  

Account Dashboard

Use your account dashboard to view recent orders, udate your billing, shipping, payment and login information.

Edit Name, Email and Password

Click Account Details in the Dashboard Menu to edit your name, email or change your password.

Update or Change Your Password

To edit your password, enter both your current password and your new password. Your new password should be a minimum of seven characters long and ideally contain a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Re-enter your new password to confirm it, and press the button to save changes.


Update your billing and shipping addresses through the Addresses menu item.

Add Billing or Shipping Addresses

Click on the edit link to the right of the item you'd like to modify.

Enter Information

Enter your information and press the button at the bottom to save your changes.

Payment Information

Navigate to Payment Methods. If no methods are found and you wish to save your card for future use, click Add Payment Method.

This Site uses Let's Encrypt SLL with Stripe Checkout for payment processing. Saving a Payment Method is not required and can be added during checkout.

Stripe Accepted Credit Cards

Stripe accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diner's Club. Click to proceed.

Enter Information

Enter your credit card information, and click the "Remember me" checkbox before adding your phone number.

Chevron does not save this information anywhere on this site. Stripe will use your phone number to text an authorization code when you make purchases in the future.

Successfully Added

You may add (and save) more than one payment method, and delete them at a later date.

A successfully added payment method will look like this:

Check Order History and Status

On your Dashboard, select Orders to view the status of current orders and your order history.

**Order history listed will be for bookings made on this site only**

Orders - Pending

Check the status of your booking orders. Click on the order number for more detailed information.

Rental items will appear as pending while waiting for confirmation of booking availability.

Orders - Confirmed

When orders are confirmed, the status will change as below, and you should receive an email notifying you of the confirmation.

Orders - Cancellation

If you need to cancel an order, please note the order number and contact D&M directly.