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Placing an Order

This site enables you to book an exhibit item or to purchase apparel and promotional items. This tutorial will show you how to quickly place an order.

Search for your Item from the Main Menu

Hover your cursor over the Browse Exhibit Items in the top menu, and select the type of item you're looking for from the drop down menu.

Search for your Item By Brand

Hover over View By Brand in the top menu and select your brand from the dropdown menu.

Search for your item by Category

From within the site, search by Exhibit Category in the small drop down menu to the right of the page. Select Promotional Items or Exhibits to view only that category.

Choose your Promotional Items

Hover over the plus sign and select Add to Cart to select your Items from the search page, or double click on the Item for more information or to adjust quantity.

Choosing your Exhibit item for rental

After finding your Exhibit item, click on the image or on the Add to Cart button for further information.

Select Exhibit Rental Dates

Select the start and ending dates of your rental by clicking on the calendar Icons and selecting the date. Use the arrows around the month to advance months, and the arrows around the year to change the year.

Adjust Quantity

After selecting your item, adjust the quantity before adding to Cart.

Review Cart

Adjust your quantities by toggling up or down on the scroller, or type over the current quantity. The click Update Cart to see your new subtotal.


Click to enter Coupon Code if you have one.

Review or enter your address information. Click the check box next to Ship to a different address? if you would like your shipment to go to another location.

Complete all fields with red asterisks, including the checkboxes notifying you of store policies.

Please check if you are a Chevron OEM or Marketer.

A CSR will contact you after the order is placed to confirm return shipping arrangements for all exhibits.


Click on the payment button and a Stripe pop-up will appear. Please enter all required information.


After your payment is accepted, you will be routed to the Order Received page to see your order details.

Confirmation Email

An email will be sent to your account address once your order is complete. If you need to make any changes to your order, please contact D&M directly.